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Battle of Transformers Hack, cheat, Android, free Gold, codes, Secret

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Participate in battles of robots, use money to unlock your favorite characters. Hack Battle of Transformers is not needed to get gold coins for purchases. Use secret codes for purchases and get a large supply of resources. Improve transformers, raise the level and continue countless battles. Learn the instruction and follow the advice to get the coins on the account for free.

Battle of Transformers cheat codes:

  • 10 000 000 gold coins - o0#49l7m7
  • Disable ads - 85#nung77

Take part in battles, unlock different transformers and try them out in battle. Develop your own strategy of fighting, carry out improvements and equip the robot with more powerful weapons. Consistently pass the task, meeting with a stronger opponent. Conduct combinations of attacks using different weapons and climb to the top.

About the game Battle of Transformers, tips for passing

This mobile game is available for free downloading for mobile devices. You can play without connecting to the Internet. And to enjoy battles, you do not need to have a flagship model of your mobile device. In the game you will find transformers from different factions: aftobots, Decepticons, Predators and Maxima.

Join battle and destroy one enemy for others. In the end, the player will meet with Megatron. To defeat him it will not be enough to have the most powerful transformer with expensive weapons. Need tactics and combat skills, but anyone who could reach Megatron will have more experience in the battle. The codes Battle of Transformers give the player a significant advantage in the speed of passing the game.

Versions of the game, types, skills and weapons

Each transformer has dozens of variants of transformations. Each next costs more and more money. If there is no desire to buy game currency, one will have to enjoy one character and collect money for its improvement for a long time. But after studying this article, you will be able to conduct parallel transformations and collect a whole collection of characters.

Often sites offer to download Battle of Transformers mod to get a lot of money on the account. You can do without such risks, using the capabilities of the game store. Endless coins allow you to buy items, weapons and skills for transformers and quickly raise their level. Train your heroes and gain experience of fighting to defeat the main rival, Megatron.

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