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Bullet Flyer Hack & Cheat, free Coins, Cash for Android, not mod

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Many players want to find Bullet Flyer hack, but very often they do not get what they expected. The thing is that some sites suggest using methods that actually do not work at all and can not bring enough money to the user in the game. In order to get a lot of resources in the game, you must carefully check the source of information. It is best to use Bullet Flyer cheats, as downloading files very often can harm your mobile device. In order to make the game even more interesting, use our secrets.

Free Cheat Codes Bullet Flyer for Android and IOS:

  • 200 000 Coins - JOZU#Ex1Ye
  • Remove Ads - IQBr#VUk6l

The more players learn about this method, the more interesting the game becomes. Everyone will have the same chances to win, and you will have worthy rivals. Let me reiterate that methods such as downloading Bullet Flyer mod, obtaining root or jailbreak rights, entering personal data and others can lead to disastrous results in the game. First of all, the gameplay should be interesting. If you have not got enough gaming experience, then you need to do this before you enter secret codes.

Review of the game, secrets and getting free money:

What can be simpler than entering codes in the gaming account? This is exactly the same as cheats in computer games. These codes were invented by developers to quickly test the free game Bullet Flyer, but now you can also use them. The codes confirm the purchase in the game, but you do not have to pay money for it. Many players adore this genre of the game, if you are one of them, then make your favorite game even better and more interesting.

Overview, game descriptions

Three major career - far and near melee free control
"Bullet Flyer" break through the traditional flight shooting game on the understanding of air combat, the player is no longer control different shapes of barrage mech, but the heros who have a variety of ways to attack. Warrior's sword cut the bullets, knife into the meat! The magician can control the orb, instantly explode! Ranger can be remote output,killing enemies thousands of miles! 

Joint play - team share fighting pleasure
The past flight shooting game is a simple copy of a person when multiplayer is matched. But the unique way of attack in "sky adventure team" create a variety of experience.
Warrior + Ranger, the strongest shield and the most sharp spear, attack the fire and defense like a mountain. Ranger + magician, double DPS in the long-range output, destroy all the enemies close before the extinction. 

Cool streamer - 100 kinds of modeling free match
The first single-unit changing equipments, all professional equipments can be separately combinated by the players. Create player's own fashion appearance and get more and more powerful.

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The instruction is not available for your iP, to find out how to hack Bullet Flyer, check the site rules


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