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Counter Shot hack & Cheat, Android, free Cash, Codes & Secret

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The newest military game Counter Shot is a very realistic action. The graphics in it are not worse. Zd is an action movie in which you need to shoot, shoot and shoot. Fighting with opponents is very well realistic. And with the same real money you have to pay for all the game resources that would enjoy it in full. Using the hacking of Counter Shot, you get an unlimited amount of game funds for free in your account, buy everything you want. New weapons, rewards, will receive a thousand (!) Multipliers combo, prolong health, pump your character, in general, as you wish. And the evil of this you just need a Chit Counter Shot. This is a normal cheat code (the secret code you need to enter in the game). To use it you do not need to download a variety of programs to your device.

Based on the game Back shot, you are in 2033 and the developers have done everything possible to make you feel it in the game. Coolest weapons are waiting for you, unpredictably ugly opponents and strive to attack you from every corner. You need to be very vigilant and think through every step in this game. But besides, do not forget about the strategy - it is if not the main, then one of the main parts of the game. And some secrets stored under the Counter Shot code will also be available to you.

Counter Shot Code:

  • Get an unlimited amount of resources and health in Counter Shot - CS#_F83gfK44gdk

Description of the game Counter Shot

Fight for the future in Counter Shot, the blend of action oriented first person shooter and strategy based combat! Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons or powerful machine guns now!

The year is 2033. Tensions run high amongst world’s superpowers. It is your mission to restore peace to a war-torn world. You need to shoot your way out of one dire situation after another to eliminate rebel's defending tactical forces first. Then go on the further offensive, commanding an army of elite soldiers and devastating drones to launch full attacks against the bases of rebels and terrorists. Switch between first person shooter and third person strategy constantly and step into action now!

Game Features:
- First person shooter action combined with real time strategy
- Spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
- Compete against real players all around the world

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Counter Shot, check the site rules

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