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Dark Dot Hack for Android, free Crystals, Secret cheat codes

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The new action game Dark Dot hack will allow you to come up with and revive the wonderful characters of any form. In addition - make them part of their army. In this colorful colorful game you will be amazed not only by an interesting and exciting gameplay, but also by high-quality graphics. The developers have tried to do this and now you can enjoy a new game that pleases not only with the semantic load but also visually. Your super team of interesting creatures is your key to defense and saving a fantastic world in which all events occur. You can supply your hero with everything they need - super strength, skills, weapons and other resources. But if you want to play without obstacles, you need to get a lot of game resources, which you can get quickly only by using the hacking Dark Dot.

Chit Dark Dot does not notice you have a lot of time, all you need to do is enter this secret Dark Dot code and you will receive an unlimited amount of game resources (that is, game currency) on your account. You can compete in battles with your friends online. Level by level, you will increase your status in the game, and if you want you will be able to unlock them all at the same time. This very easy way of hacking is also the safest, because you will not need to download various applications, and get root rights.

Cheats Dark Dot:

  • 100 000 Crystals - C#_9384tuoerf
  • Unlock All - U#_hr9w38hoe

Description of the game Dark Dot

Dark Dot is an unique vertical scrolling action shooter (SHMUP) that allows you to draw and manipulate your very own army of Darklets using formations. You'll find familiar SHMUP controls alongside unique features and characters that will enhance your gameplay experience like no other! 

You can Draw, Resize and Rotate to manipulate your formations and shoot to eliminate all who would stand in your way! Dark Dot takes drawing to a brand new level with easy to use controls and manipulation. 

•Draw any shape -- Unleash your creativity! Conquer the levels using a circle, square, a cat or an unicorn! The possibilities are endless! 
•Resize -- Shrink your formation to focus fire or expand to widen the range covered. Customize your play style like no other! 
•Rotate -- Maneuver around obstacles or rotate to avoid projectiles! Do it like a pro!

Play and challenge over a hundred levels in Dark Dot to take over the Elemental Worlds! Find out why Dark Dot is doing what it's doing! Unlock all memory fragments!

Collect and upgrade or evolve over 80 unique Darklets, each with their very own skills and power.
Unlike other shoot 'em ups, you can get special Darklets like the Pandarklet and the Azure Dragon Darklet, each more unique then the other and watch them lead your army to victory. That's right! No planes here. Only cute and unique Darklets! 

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Dark Dot, check the site rules

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