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Fleet Glory Hack & Cheat, Android free Gold, Coins, Secret & Tips

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The game Fleet Glory takes you back to the time of World War II, you take part in the famous sea battles. Manage your warship and with your friends create your fleet. Then you can fight with the enemy fleet and in case of victory get a prize. From a large collection of ships you can choose the most powerful ship with a legendary past. Think carefully of the strategy of fighting to properly deploy your fleet. Constantly update the flotilla, change plans and tactics, with all this you are beating off your enemies. And you will be pleased with the variety of combat modes.

There are many battle modes to choose from. Unite with the allies in the capture mode, in the destruction mode, ruthlessly beat the enemies. To conduct military battles will be much easier after you enter secret codes. They are completely safe and you can not worry, this is not hacking Fleet Glory, and you can enter these codes absolutely without downloading mods. A wide variety of modes in the game will not let you get bored. An affordable pick-up system will help you improve your ship. And you will become many times stronger than your rivals. And here there is a special system that allows you to paint your ship and make it really cool.

Fleet Glory codes:

  • 930 000 Gold - FG#_JMBV70NR
  • Bump the ship - FG#_YG63VdEw

In the game Fleet Glory you will have a lot of shipboard skins. You will be able to demonstrate in battle all the abilities of your ship. Gather together the most powerful army to create a truly strong and invincible armada. With the help of codes you can get a lot of different resources and all the time to improve the sea flotilla together with colleagues. Fighting side by side with players from different regions of the country, win the fame of the invincible Fleet Glory. In the game you can watch very realistic scenes of battles and battles with truly powerful players. And joining Fleet Glory, try to become a real sea wolf, winning the glory of the invincible.

"Enjoy diversity with different fighting modes." 

Multiple combat options available: Highly collaborative mode of occupation, an annihilation mode of quick killing action, a hunting model to track and find others, a confrontational model of warfare, with many variety of modes to choose from making sure battle is not boring, so you can enjoy the game!

"Supporting system that make warships more powerful." 
Weapon systems allow your warships to vary it's attack, enjoy a sense of fun and shock; The skill system can make your battle style more varied and enjoy different combat styles; The Member system can make your warship's strength increase greatly, enjoy warship special effect bonuses; The painting system can make your warship colorful, enjoy a variety of battleship painting decals. The accessories system is diverse, so that your warships can stand out in the fierce competition! 

"Heros with the Armada together." 
Elite players unite together, set up their own invincible fleet, challenge bosses, gain access to a large number of resources, complete resource sharing, and jointly develop their fleets! Compete with players from all regions to win the highest honor of the Fleet Glory fleet! 

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