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Gangster Squad: Fight Club Hack, Cheat codes for Android, free Secret, Money

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Action battle on your mobile devices, new game Gangster Squad. Here you can become gangcterom and fight a fair fight one on one. But do not forget that behind the backs of everyone else there are two characters. Each player can choose a character and improve its performance. The strength of the hero depends on the number of CP.

Bonus codes Gangster Squad:

  • 65,500 Gold - EOIR-NF6XS3
  • 4760 Money - OXPW-RQ2Y0E

The higher the value, the more damage you will cause an opponent. Each of the characters has a super kick. Its usage is limited in time, but it does several times more damage. For carrying out the battle player receives remuneration in the form of gold and money. The same level of character depends on the earned XP. They allow you to unlock new characters, and get access to all subjects.

Powerful characters and buy him weapons

The game is in beta testing, but most of the functions are already working. And you can keep your achievements when you exit the full version of the game. Passage will allow the player to get the powerful characters and buy him weapons. Every player wants to win his friends. And many gamers are looking for hack Gangster Squad.

But I must warn you that downloading mods and entering personal data can harm your device and cause data loss. 3D graphics, bright picture and unique characters will help get the game fun. The game has two currencies in the form of cash and gold. They can be used for making gaming purchases. Each character has its own characteristics of health, strength.

 Unlock weapons, secret & tips

These features can customize the buying weapons and updating it. These processes in the game take some time. If you want to accelerate them, will have to spend gold.

Before each battle, you will be able to replace the main character and choose a warrior. He will participate in the first battle. At the top left is displayed the level with the band occupancy. The music and sounds, you can disable the settings. And in order to unlock all items in this game, you do not need to download the mod Gangster Squad. By clicking on the "Fight" you move to the street where you will find a rival. Basically, everything will depend on the level of your character.

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