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Hack Pixel Gun 3D for Android, Cheat codes, free Coins, not mod

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No need to download a hacking Pixel Gun 3D to get the whole arsenal of weapons and buns that are available in the game. To get a hacked version of the game you do not need to look where to download the mod, or to get special rights to the device root or jailbreak. To get the gems and coins in the game it is enough to use the secret codes for free purchases, which will allow you to get the most popular sets of money from the game store. This will allow you to pump your character faster and upgrade weapons to maximum.

Pixel Gun 3D game on Android and IOS which is made on the Minecraft engine. and the graphics, it reminds her very much, though many people like it. But if you are not a fan of pixel graphics, then you will still find something to rejoice, because the number of game modes and the dynamics of the battle few will leave indifferent. Using the Pixel Gun 3D cheats, any player can get free money sets to buy all the buns of the game store, it will save you a lot if you have already thought about investing in a real cache game. In the game you can go campaign in solo mode, or in the same solo mode to survive in the arena full of zombies, where you need to hold out as long as possible. But the most juice, this is the multiplayer in which we select the card and guide into the battle, the team on the team. Use these secrets for quick pumping and leveling up in this wonderful game.

Pixel Gun 3D Codes:

  • Medium Stack of Coins - L3AFN9_#9e09
  • Big Stack of Coins - CPETS4_#7y42
  • Huge Stack of Coins - XZ00IB_#9h27
  • Pile of Gems - EL5H9V_#6h21
  • Chest of Coins - KQDXTX_#8h32
  • Set of Huge Gems - JOOFTY_#6v49
  • WINNER SET - ZD6YEL_#9×21

Description of the game Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition is executed in a popular genre of multiplayer shooter, where the player will battle with other participants in the gameplay in a variety of combat modes, using a variety of weapons, both near and long-range combat, which the game has. This product is installed to be installed on the Android platform, it can be easily installed and played. This shooter was built by RiliSoft studio, which did nothing except Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition), copying the visual style from the over-famous and popular Minecraft, providing the project with the ability to shoot other players and monsters on the level. The plot, as usual in these games, the developers did not bring, the player receives weapons and starts in a cooperative mess of cubic characters, monsters, improvements for weapons and other gameplay interspersions.

As for the gameplay in Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition), then everything is more or less familiar, there is a player and his improved weapons, there are opponents, there are different combat modes in accordance with which the basic conditions for victory change. Formally, there is a story campaign in the game, but it consists in killing all monsters and the boss following them, after killing the main opponent at the level, the player receives a certain number of coins and the next level. On gambling coins, you can buy improvements for your own weapons that have four or three characteristics, depending on the type of item. Among the parameters - damage, rate of fire, the number of cartridges, the speed of running when using this weapon, plus this special ability is unique for every means of defense and attack.

The whole game is performed in the familiar cubic stylistics of the survival simulator in a randomly generated world of multi-colored cubes. In the same style are drawn and all the cards in the game, which, as the developers assure, there are about fifty kinds. The player in addition to his health points also has shields absorbing damage, inventory containing weapons and indicators of the game currency and the table of achievements of users, connected to the game process, which allows you to play knowing your achievements. Also, each player has a grenade capable of causing massive damage to the area. A mobile device owner can download Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) if this device supports the android system and is able to withstand a stable connection to the network for cooperative battles.

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