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Hack Tomb Heroes for Android, free Crystals, Secret codes, not mod

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Tomb Heroes - an action game in which you need to fight, overcome obstacles, not be afraid of opponents, have a good command of weapons and of course win, break through to a new level where everything is even more interesting. Funny game graphics will please you no less than the plot. But to go through the game at an accelerated pace, open level after level and not be afraid of obstacles, you need to have a lot of game currency - crystals and other values. In sufficient numbers, they can be obtained either by dedicating a large amount of time, or by using Hacking Tomb Heroes. It is absolutely safe, you do not need to download anything, your device will not be affected by viruses, and your account in the game Tomb Heroes will not be blocked.

Cheats Tomb Heroes will give you the opportunity not only to get an unlimited amount of game funds to your account. You will become available game secrets, of which you previously did not know exactly. You will get an incredibly super fast reaction from your main character, the coolest weapon that is provided in the game. You will be able to explore absolutely all the tombs of the dungeon, wander through the secluded corners of the game map and disclose riddles of mummies, vampires and other monsters. Plus, you can get the immortality of the protagonist, and the tips that will be displayed to you during the game. With these resources, you certainly will become the owner of all the labyrinths.

Tomb Heroes codes:

  • 1000 000 Crystals - K#_bf9w83urori
  • Immortality of the hero - B#_hgie84uthker
  • Unlimited resources - R#_vfw83rifherf

Description of the game Tomb Heroes

Tomb hero is a very interesting action game, you will use a unique way to escape and destroy the monster in the tomb.Jump back, and shot, you are super fast reaction hero, treasure all over the world in the tomb, victorious.Each tomb has its own unique little monster!Play your super power, let your heroes explore more tombs!

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Tomb Heroes, check the site rules

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