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Hack Winter Fugitives 2 for Android, secret codes, not mod, Cheat codes

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If you want to feel all the happiness of escaping from a place from which it's almost impossible to escape, if you like to solve riddles, know how to come up with the right strategy, love action and adrenaline, Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles is just for you. It is very exciting, but to reach the goal - to bring his hero to freedom under the power of not everyone. The game, in principle, is free, but as in all games, once you start playing, you realize that you will not go far if you do not buy the necessary game resources for your real money. In our case, it's Gold Prison Coins and secret keys. But Hacking Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles will provide you with all these resources absolutely free. You just need to enter the secret codes in the game.

Cheat Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles will allow you to get a huge amount of Coins and Keys without downloading. You can finally take your prisoner out of custody and show him your will. In addition, it will be much easier for you to steal all the consumables in order to survive in these furious frosts and not fall into the hands of the protection of the colony. The map of the area on which you will move will become more detailed, you will be aware of all the pitfalls in the game. Unlimited amount of game resources will allow you to buy in the game, all that you will need at a given moment. This way you can free the prisoner.

Cheats Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles:

  • 450 000 Gold Coins - C#_fw9itwoef
  • All Keys - K#_hw84otwef

Description of the game Winter Fugitives 2

In WINTER FUGITIVES 2: CHRONICLES you'll be escaping from an isolated prison in the mountains, finding your way through an ever-expanding number of levels on the road to freedom!

Be a part of the biggest prison breakout in history and uncover the REAL story behind it all...

* 4 characters in the initial launch, and more to come!
* Sneak past the guards or attack them by surprise! 
* Explore the surroundings and steal coins, keys and supplies to help you survive!
* Each level has 1 main goal plus 3 secondary missions: complete them all to unlock the challenging Hardcore Mode!

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