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Metal Force War Modern Tanks Hack, Cheat for Android, free money - codes

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In this article you will find secrets and tips on how to get a lot of money, gold and silver for free. For this, you do not need to use hack Metal Force: War Modern Tanks, or get root, or jailbreak right. Secret codes for free purchases will allow you to replenish your account and quickly raise your level. Gaining more experience for battles, as well as doubling their rewards, a player can quickly unlock more powerful tactics and reach a new level of the game.

Cheat codes Metal Force: War Modern Tanks:

  • 150,000 silver coins - RUY#982*eu
  • 5 550 gold for free - IEU#989*ur
  • Double experience - VNC#982*gh

If you want to achieve something in a free game, you will have to make purchases in the game store. If you can earn silver by completing quests and carrying out numerous fights, then gold is available for real money. This premium currency in the game allows you to buy a rare technique, to carry out instantly improvements and the installation of new weapons.

Review of the game, tips and secrets of the passage:

This developer is famous for the quality of work, one of his famous games Iron Tanks has millions of fans. The game Metal Force: War Modern Tanks has the same high level of graphics, realistic physics. And if in similar games we move on slow tanks, then this game provides an opportunity to fight on fast armored cars.

This makes the game unique, because the essence of the battles remains the same. But the speed of the game is completely different, the high rate of the battle was deep in my heart. In addition, the game has a wide variety of techniques that you can use. They also divide into scouts and heavy and perform different roles in the course of battles.

Gameplay how to get a lot of money

Cheats Metal Force: War Modern Tanks give the player the freedom of buying. Code for experience will allow you to quickly unlock the entire transport in the game and use a powerful weapon. Using gold, you can quickly install new equipment on the equipment and increase its characteristics. In addition to weapons, money must be spent on improving the characteristics of equipment, speed, armor, controllability.

With this, management in the game does not take long to get used to. Having passed training battles with this there will be no questions, you only need to play more often and gain experience of team play. Your strategy should depend on the chosen technique and its functions. Choose a country for which you will conduct battles and give her your victories and achievements.

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