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Pokelando Hack, Android codes, free Money, Unlock Pokemon

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All free games have secrets and a game store. This allows you not to use Pokelando hack, but to get diamonds and money with the help of a game store, without violating the rules of the game. Expand your island and discover hundreds of Pokémon species, develop them and become champions. To have resources on the account it is enough to follow the instructions in the bottom of the article, and have fresh bonus codes on hand.

Pokelando codes:

  • 10 000 P Coins - RE*372_EIIW
  • 950 diamonds - VB*361_YEBX

Speed ​​up the process of passage and unlock all kinds of Pokemon for a more interesting game. Expand the collection and conduct team improvements. With money, a player can quickly conduct research on the island and discover new species. Collect powerful pets in the team and participate in battles. The player does not need to download Pokelando mod, or get root or jailbreak rights to make free purchases.

Review of the game, tips for passing

Action game with your favorite characters. Collect them in a team and travel around the islands. Fight with their inhabitants, earn experience points and coins. Money in the game is needed for the development of your team's pets. Their strength will be needed to conduct battles with hundreds of other pokehomons.

The game has a nice graphics, but since it's at the stage of 3D testing, it's possible to expect improvements in the future. When traveling in a hot air balloon with your favorites, you will approach different islands. Traveling on them and going through assignments you will be rewarded with experience and coins. Cheats Pokelando are needed to open chests. They can have new kinds of pets.

How to play the game, use diamonds

Each game with Pokemons has a single goal, to collect all of them. And this is quite difficult, because in the game there is a premium currency and a lot of restrictions. For those who do not want to spend a lot of time traveling, they can buy a Pikachu card for 50 diamonds. But it is difficult to obtain precious stones. This is not surprising, because they are sold in the game store for real money.

To play Pokelando for free, everyone can use secrets. Increase the skills of your characters, explore the islands and enjoy the battles. They pass fairly simply, and for management requires only one finger. Use tips and open a treasure box, this will give you a significant advantage and will unlock Pokémon quickly and for free.

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