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Get ViP, money and weapons for free, get more awards and experience. Use hack to discover all the features of the game and becomes the leader on the map. Play with your friends and show what you can. Learn the instructions and follow the tips to get more resources and rewards. Take advantage and improve your skills and results, make improvements. cheat codes:

  • VIP for 7 days - r1*v7wDAn
  • Disable ads - rD*oUkbC0

To become one of the best players on the map is simple, if you have the most powerful weapon. But other than that, you need to work on your own skills and respond quickly. Shoot, destroy as many enemies as possible and stay as long as possible alive to get into the world leaderboard. For a full game, the player does not need to download mod, it can damage the device and lead to data loss.

Review of the game, controls, gameplay

Classic MMO shooter on mobile devices. Become one of the robots and install weapons yourself, change it during the battle and improve using rewards and details. The game has a nice graphics and is focused on online battles, so you need a stable, high-speed Internet connection.

For a couple of bucks you can access ViP items in the game and get an advantage. is free to play, but to reach heights and dominate, you need to spend a few dollars, or use secrets. You can create your own robot and conduct their battles.

Passages, improvements and money in the game

Resources in the game allow you to install different modules on the robot and get a unique fighter on the map. But even having received the most powerful unit, you need to be skillfully managed on the map to win. The control is carried out with the help of the joystick on the left of the screen, as well as conducting the fire, the touch button. Installing different modules and weapons on the hero, you can choose and change it during battles.

Flamethrowers, rockets, machine guns and much more. The developers promise to add new maps, as well as to diversify the most characters. To not download the mod and save your achievements, use cheat codes They will allow you to collect one of the best robots and show what you are capable of. Get allies, share with them secrets.

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