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Star Wars: Rivals Hack, Cheat, Android, iOS, codes, Crystals, Credits

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Use secret codes to get free crystals and credits without using hack Star Wars: Rivals. Money on Android and iOS is free, without downloading mod files and entering personal data. Use the instruction to learn how to make purchases in the game store. Open boxes without limits, improve and increase the level without violating the rules of the game.

Star Wars: Rivals cheat codes:

  • 150, 000 credits - PN#Pk0y2J
  • 8 740 crystals - Zt#nPnZYW

Using crystals, the game player can restore energy, and also open paid cases. The more expensive the chest, the more likely it is to get a strong character into the team. Collect a powerful team and fight online with other players, show your friends what they are capable of. Unlock the legendary characters and go along with them on the game assignments.

Review of Star Wars: Rivals, Secrets and Tips

A free action game on Android & iOS, here everyone can live the story of a famous, space shooter and take the lead role. The game is created specifically for mobile devices and well optimized for easy gameplay. Here everyone can take part in space wars and enjoy dynamic battles online.

Using the crystals Star Wars: Rivals, as a premium currency, a player can get legendary characters into the team. Use credits to improve the team and buy new, more powerful weapons. The game has colorful graphics with high detail and interesting gameplay. Everyone can go solo missions, or participate in multiplayer battles. Go through the missions to gain experience and raise the level in the game.

Real-time mode, money and credits

The game is optimized for mobile devices, with user-friendly controls. Move the sight with one finger, while others fire. Each character has a primary weapon and an additional one. To win, you need not only a high level, but also strategic skills. Use the card as a defense and outsmart the opponent using strategy.

After completing training in solitary missions, the player opens the arena. Choose three heroes to create from them a command to fight. Each of them has unique skills and weapons, win to get to the leaderboard. The player does not need to download Star Wars: Rivals mod to get crystals and credits. Secret codes are available to all players and allow you to get unique abilities for heroes and unlock the legendary characters of different eras. Using secrets, the player can save up to hundreds of dollars and play at the level of donators.

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