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Super Mario Run Hack, Cheat, codes for Android & iOS, free Money, Coins

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Release of the new game Super Mario Run excites many. Because fans of this genre are so many. Though the game is presented as a runner, Mario runs from left to right. In the process of passing a level many new challenges waiting for us. The main objective of the game is collection of coins. Jumping over them and knocking with boxes, we also can get bonuses.

Promo Codes Super Mario Run:

  • Unlock all game modes - HICL-STCI * P6

Platform game has changed, but the game is fully retains its form. You can download the game on Android & iOS device. And I will present you a few secrets that will allow you to play the full version of games for free. The game has several types of coins: pink, purple and black. At each level, the player will meet every type and try to catch them. Indeed, in contrast to the old version, there is no time to stop.

Review, Tips 

The game can be downloaded for free from the official site, but to get the full version you need to pay money. Many are looking for hack Super Mario Run, to get the full version of the game. To do this, you can download the mod, or use the root or jailbreak rights. The operation of this method is questionable, because the purchase of the full version of the game is tied to your account.

Using secret codes on the availability of purchase, each player can unlock Super Mario Run the full version on your Android or IOS devices. Control of the game is quite simple. To pass the level you need to make a jump or high jump. At the same time to collect as many coins and avoid obstacles. The coins are needed to collect of bubbles. After all, if you miss one of them, you can always return to the level back to correct the error.

Secret, how get to Coins 

Cheats Super Mario Run allow you to get extra coins. You can repeat the level several times, but do not forget that time is limited in the game, and if you go back too far and often, then you will not have time to get to the end of the level.

Each new level adds you more experience. After that you can play in multiplayer. Here you will fight with other players on the speed and number of points. In the Kingdom Builder mode you can build your own levels with obstacles. The more you play in this game, the more difficulties you open. The game does not have a lot of depth and complexity, but it captures after a few levels.

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