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Tower Power Hack, Cheat for Android, Free Money, Codes & Tips

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Use the hack Tower Power on Android, for more resources and money. Unlock new characters in the team to destroy the birds. Throw powerful balls, destroy whole flocks and receive significant rewards. Get to the checkpoint and unlock new features, use the instruction to learn how to use free purchases in the game.

Cheat Codes Tower Power:

  • 100 000 money - 
  • 7 500 crystals - 

Everyone can get resources on the account and collect a strong team, rabbits, dogs and other monsters and beasts. Use their skills to score more points and build a city faster. Increase the skills and characteristics of the characters in order to speed up the process of passing the level. Get to the point with rewards and get extra money for speed, height and other achievements. Tower Power Cheats give each player complete freedom in the game.

Review, the secrets of passing and raising the level

Free action game on Android allows you to enjoy arcade battles between animals and thievish birds. According to the plot, they stole precious stones and climbed high into the sky. To return the stolen player to collect a team of characters and fire. The collected resources can be spent on the elevations of the city.

The higher you get, the more rewards you will get. Getting to the checkpoint you expect new instructions and rewards. Change the composition of the team, each character has different characteristics and color of the balls. Destroy birds, use portals to earn extra points and enjoy interesting gameplay.

New characters, money and awards

A bright and fun game allows you to spend an interesting time, throwing balls in ominous birds. Enemies are also of different types, to be built higher, you need to clear the space from them. To attack, enough to snap up the screen, from the right character. Destroying birds, the player receives money as a reward, they need to be used to improve and improve the characteristics of your team.

Many sites offer to download Tower Power mod in which a lot of money has already been spent on the account. Using this method you will not be able to update the game and participate in the standings. Codes for free purchases will allow you to receive coins and crystals after the beta testing of the game. Use them to gain advantage and speed.

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