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Zombie Gunship Survival Hack, Cheat codes for Android, free Gold

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The release of the game Zombie Gunship Survival on Android and iOS was waiting for many players. No less now are looking for online hacking, or where to download a mod with a lot of money on the account. In this article we will consider the option of getting money to the account quickly and free of charge, without violating the rules of the game. Each player can get gold on account and buy the most powerful weapon and carry out its improvement. Each gun in the game has the characteristics: rate of fire, accuracy, damage, overheating, cooling and the main level. To increase it requires a lot of resources.

Codes Zombie Gunship Survival:

  • Decent Stack - u2#CxpeQ3
  • Serious Cash - iq#EUi4Qb
  • Epic Motherlode - aV#Ju2qHR
  • Small Fortune - ih#e4byfq

Gold in the game is a premium currency, with its help you can buy new items of equipment and open chests. Boxes with equipment can be opened every few hours, more exclusive once in several days. Use hack Zombie Gunship Survival, a player can get enough resources and open boxes with equipment without restrictions. This allows you to quickly build a powerful arsenal and install it for use.

A short guide to the game, the basics of gameplay

The game is a shooter with a unique ability to destroy zombies from the air. You are on board the AC-130 with your own equipment, team and directions. Purge the earth of the hordes of living dead, destroy the control points. On the ground, your team will also be located, to which you will provide support from the air.

To perform tasks, you need different weapons, powerful and more accurate. After the successful completion of the tasks, carry out the updating of the equipment and buy new items. Each of them has stars, the level on which the other characteristics depend. The total power of the weapon will depend on all the details.

How to use money, where to spend gold

At the initial stage of the game you will not need the most powerful weapons. And money is always enough for its purchases, if you use cheats Zombie Gunship Survival. This will allow you to effectively conduct battles. But first you should pay special attention to the base. It is necessary to strengthen the protection and provide shelter to the rescued people.

Use secrets to save the world from hordes of zombies. Build a secure base and increase your own skills. In the game, you take the role of the main helper of the rescue team. The result of the operation depends on you. Use the money to collect a large collection of weapons, and its in the game hundreds of units.

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