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Zombie Reaper 3 Hack, Cheat codes for Android & iOS, free Cash

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Clean the city from the zombies in the new version of the game Zombie Reaper 3. Here you have to kill dozens of dead to stay alive. Improved graphics, detailing, new characters and weapons. All this you will find in the game after downloading. To successfully progress through the levels you'll need a lot of money. Purchase of weapons and equipment is performed in dollars.

Free codes for money Zombie Reaper 3:

  • 82,500 free money – EY38-32UIE

They you will earn in the process of cleansing. As before, you will be located in one place and shoot the waves of zombies. Besides weapons, you can use grenades and more. The money you get on the bill for each kill. On the right top you will see the total amount of resources. Returning to the city, you can improve your weapons or armor. Purchase of more powerful weapons require more resources.

Get more experience and earn points

In addition to the money you need fast response and a lot of bullets. At higher levels, you have to shoot without stopping. And without tips you can spend extra resources, so be careful. Shot in the head will allow you to kill the enemy with one cartridge and get a greater reward. Aim for the head, it will allow you to get more experience and earn points.

After the destruction of the waves, the player will have a meeting with the boss. To deal with it quicker, shoot the helmet. Do not be afraid to shoot through walls, bullet pass, and you can kill zombies without seeing them. Often, players are looking for where to download the mod, or hack Zombie Reaper 3. I highly recommend to stay away from such actions on your device.

Damage the living

It's not safe, and getting root or jailbreak rights may harm your device. The previous parts of the game have been downloaded millions of times. Therefore, this game is waiting for a big success. And if you want to achieve significant results, you will need some tricks.

The player must be aware that a grenade kills only a "dead". It can be easy to throw and do not fear for damage to the living. The new version of the game appeared the bosses. Fighting them causes maximum difficulties. Powerful attack and strong armor makes them difficult opponents. To defeat them, you need to constantly aims at the helmet and kill him first. The use of money Zombie Reaper 3 will allow you to buy your own, armored car. This will allow to move quickly, destroying zombies on the road.

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