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Looney Tunes Hack, Cheat codes for Android, free Tickets & Gold

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Participate in the life of the city and fight for power. Create your own team using Looney Tunes hack. Get gold and precious stones on Android and iOS to quickly unlock your favorite characters and get a lot of money on the account. Learn the instructions for entering codes to get resources to the account and enjoy free play. These secrets work on all devices.

Looney Tunes codes:

  • 50 tickets - lu*6HmCEh
  • 50 gold tickets - Hc*hrJLYH
  • 18 500 gold coins - 0D*4nzrgp
  • 1,720 gems - Jp*uFmA0K

As in any free game, there are game purchases. To get along without them you can use bonus codes for free purchases. To use them and get resources, you do not need to download mod Looney Tunes or enter personal data. This makes this method the safest. Using tickets, you can turn the wheel of fortune and quickly collect your favorite characters in the team.

Review of the game, tips for passing

This is a free arcade in which the player will take part in funny battles. Before the battle, you need to select the characters that will fight. Each of them has its own skills, strikes. All of them are amusing enough, unusual and do not show particular cruelty. Defeated leave the battlefield, the winner receives bonuses and money.

Resources in the Looney Tunes game are used to carry out character enhancements. Increasing the characteristics, allows you to expand the list of skills and strengthen them. Choosing a blow, the hero strikes with a whip, or presents a gift that will explode in front of the enemy. All this is very funny, and to develop your team is very interesting and entertaining.

Unlock characters, tickets and crystals

The game is based on the well-known characters. The most popular to get is not so simple, for this you have to make purchases in the game store, or use cheats Looney Tunes. Having received a premium currency, you can already at the initial levels get a team of favorites. Dozens of characters, each of them has interesting skills.

Unlock all the heroes for yourself and win in countless battles. Use the premium currency to get additional resources and tickets to the account. Turn the drum and get new pets. Increase their level and the number of stars to deal with more powerful attacks. Gold coins and crystals will allow you to speed up the processes, quickly raise the level and improve.

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