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Subway Princess Runner Hack, Android, free Coins, Gems, Cheat, codes

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Use Subway Princess Runner hack, or bonus codes, a choice for everyone. Free gems, coins for Android, without downloading mods, available to all players. Money in the game is needed to buy new characters, boards and boosters. Enjoy the runner and make variety in the gameplay, using characters and different boards. Learn the instructions and enjoy the abundance of resources on the account.

Subway Princess Runner cheat codes:

  • 500 000 coins - 
  • 8,560 Gems - 
  • Disable ads - 

New characters, boards and boosters are available for both coins and precious stones. The latter are the premium currency of the game and can be purchased for real money. Coins are collected during the passage, use boosters in the form of magnets, super sneakers, or runners to collect more money on the level. Free Subway Princess Runner codes give you complete freedom to use bonuses, boosters and items.

Review of the game, passing, boosters

Free runner on Android, choose a character and run between trains. A lot of obstacles, moving trains and haunting Santa. Run away from it, collect coins and use boosters to score more points and set a record. As in any early, you need a quick reaction and full attention.

Each time the level is generated automatically. Use jumps, crouch, move on the map to hold out as long as possible. Use boosters to collect more coins, money for future purchases. But using secrets, you can get a lot of money in the game Subway Princess Runner and buy all the available items.

Characters, Boosters and Boards

The main goal of the game is to run more than the rest. Use the experience from previous runners to get on the table of world leaders. Use the boards to move faster over the snow-covered metro. Save the princess, but do not forget about the coins, they will be needed to buy different items and unlock all the skins. Bonuses and boosters will allow you to move faster and gain more points.

Bonus codes allow you to get free money in the game without downloading Subway Princess Runner mod. You can control the game with one finger, taps to the side, up and down, to go as far as possible. The further you go, the more points you will get as a result. Use tips to unlock all the characters.

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