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Bridge Construction Simulator Hack & Cheat, Android, free Cash, secret

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In the new game Bridge Construction Simulator you will become a builder. The designer will need to apply his mind, technical knowledge, as well as his intuition in this puzzle game and you will have to improvise, as well as quickly perform all tasks. Try to get all the skills quickly, although it will not be easy. You will design and build different bridges, each following bridge, this is a logical puzzle, for an intelligent builder. Many things may seem easy to you, but as soon as you move to other places, you face very difficult tasks. The game Bridge Construction Simulator will teach you how to build bridges seemingly unreal places such as mountains in the valley of the canyon. The task would seem to be impossible, but the size of your funds will be significantly increased if you apply our secret Cheat codes.

Use our Bridge Construction Simulator hacking and you will have a lot of extra tools. They will be useful to you for the construction of bridges, strong and reliable, which will not break and will be able to withstand any of the elements. Bridge Construction Simulator is the android version of the game. When you enter our free cheat codes, in a few minutes your account will start receiving money and this will help you in solving various difficult tasks. The game has excellent graphics and physics, bridges you will build in four different worlds. By entering our codes you will not be bored, you will design a place for construction and decide what type of bridge to build in this place. The game received a score of 5, which means that by hacking Bridge Construction Simulator you will spend a very interesting time.

Codes bridge construction simulator:

50 000 Cash - YRUI-SIAA*ey

Description of the game Bridge Construction Simulator

 Put your engineering skills, intuition and smarts to test in this brand new Bridge Construction Simulator puzzle game. You will become a constructor who is required to improvise and – most of all – adapt to the task at hand. Use your resources to construct structures able to hold the weight of a car. Try to become a good builder as fast as you can - things will get hard. You won't be racing against the time, so be a careful and thoughtful constructor.

You will design and construct increasingly elaborate bridges across four varied locations. Each one is a different logic puzzle for a thoughtful builder. Things may seem easy when you start out in a city, but once you move to the canyon, valley and finally mountains it will get hard. The task is never impossible, but the size and resilience of your structures will have to increase substantially if you don't want to be responsible for a car crash. Use your logic and skill to become a master bridge builder and break some records along the way!

In addition to the normal mode Bridge Construction Simulator offers an easy (for an increased budget and more flexibility) or hard one (for an ultimate, seemingly impossible puzzle challenge that will be able to break even the best builder). There is something for a constructor of every skill level. If you find yourself in a tight spot, a hint system will help guide you to the solution and help you build your skill as a builder. Use the help provided to construct bridges that will not break.

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