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My Little Pony Hack & Cheat for Android, free Cash, Secret codes, not mod

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K is a very interesting game with adventures and developing effect. It will appeal to players of different ages. You need to free all 6 ponies and return the artefact unharmed, so that by using their magical abilities save the Harmony Tree. Using Hack My Little Pony you will easily pass new levels, you can easily unlock ponies and save the Harmony Tree. You will guess puzzles, pursue evil werewolves, play funny games. You need to return 6 magical elements that everyone knows about, but can not return without a pony. To unlock them and earn a lot of money to improve the game you will help our cheat codes.

With our codes, it will be easy for you to fight against the dark world. Having a lot of money and using Hack My Little Pony at the right time you can get tips for further action. Dangers will lie in wait for you around every corner, but with our codes you will confidently go forward every time saving the life of a pony. The game My Little Pony is very bright and colorful, does not require investment from you, completely free. With our cheats you will be able to unlock the ponies much quicker and save the Harmony Tree and prevent it from withering. Our codes are completely safe and open up to you a new world of mysterious contests.

The code for My Little Pony:

  • 300 000 money - MLP#_edk85mfr
  • Disable all ponies - MLP#_sdtb91jd

Description of the game My Little Pony

If you are crazy about games that are created based on the famous cartoons, then this game will suit you. MY LITTLE PONY is the game that promotes friendly relations and teaches you to help everyone, not fight against enemies. This will be a great help for children who do not yet fully understand the whole world around them. This game is implemented for mobile devices on the Android system, but all of its potential is easily revealed within their framework. This game can be attributed to the arcade genre with elements of strategy. The company Gameloft was able to transform everyone's favorite cartoon about ponies in a good game.

The story of MY LITTLE PONY is completely based on the history of the cartoon. There are several such fictional animals on the planet of ponies, for which you have to play the game. One of them was bewitched in a lunar castle and now only you can save it. Of course, you will not have to kill someone on this path, for your main task will be the construction of a small prosperous city. If you think that such an Android game will not be appropriate at all, it means you need to download MY LITTLE PONY, try to play it and only then make such a decision.

The gameplay is quite simple and will be understandable even for the child. You will have to play long enough, but simple control, high-quality animation and soundtrack will encourage you to do it even more. After all, the game is of genuine interest even for those who are not familiar with the cartoon about the fabulous ponies. The game has secrets that you will have to open as you go through it. Also, your eye will always enjoy the bright color scheme of the game and its good direction. On the way to the release of one of the ponies, you have to play a large number of mini games, within which you can train your brain, agility and ability to think outside the box. All this can favorably affect your personality. Do not forget about the fact that the developers have made the game is not the easiest, so use different tactics to go through specific levels with minimal losses. You can download MY LITTLE PONY from our site right now. Do not delay the loading of the game and do it now.

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