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Piggy Boom Hack & Cheat, Android, free Gold, Secret codes, not mod

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In the game Piggy Boom you will certainly visit the gold rush. Gold, gold, gold and gold coins. Turn the wheel and get a lot of awards. But there are some nuances in this game. To get enough game currency for a quality game without obstacles - you need to devote a lot of time to the gameplay, or buy virtual gold for a lot of money. Therefore, we want to offer you a free hacking Piggy Boom, which is safe from all the hacks that you have met. First, you do not need to download additional programs. Secondly, you do not need to get root or jailbreak. And thirdly - you are not threatened with blocking your game profile, because you just use the secret cheat code Piggy Boom.

Cheat Piggy Boom allows you to play your favorite game without any problems. In addition to the huge amount of game resources, you will also learn some secrets in the game that you previously were not aware of. How to properly rotate the wheel, how to make a strategy game, how to get a lot of islands? Answers to all these questions you will learn using secret codes. What are these cute pets worth - funny fuzzy, which will accompany you the whole game. With their help you can create islands and compete level with your online friends. The developers have tried to make graphics, for this the pleasure from the gameplay is guaranteed to you.

Cheats Piggy Boom Escape:

  • 100 000 Gold Coins - C#_gf9348towefj04

Description of the game Piggy Boom

 Piggy:" Lords and Ladies, one of your friends just attacked your island, you must commit revenge! Spin the wheel to earn more gold and shields!" --Invite your Facebook friends to join Piggy Boom!

Build your exclusive islands of your own with the help of little cute pets, push the button and spin the wheel, win some luck today!

Have fun with other players and steal their gold, protect your island from invasion with your pets

• Magic Wheel
Every one loves having some luck in a game and Piggy Boom gives you free daily chances to spin the wheel and win heaps of coins!

• Theme islands
Every casual game players love to build and have a customized avatar!
In Piggy Boom, hundreds of themed islands wait for you to unlock them and build. The more you build, the more islands you will have

• Play with Friends
Invite your best friends and compete with global players. Are you under attack and want a revenge? Call your friends and attack together.

• Miner System
Be a miner and keep digging, a rich gold mine is waiting for you to explore in the game! Become the richest player in the game for a second.

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Piggy Boom, check the site rules

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