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Breaking the line Hack for Android, Cheat codes, free Cash, Secret

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Very interesting game, similar to the real races Breaking the line. There are many different cars in the game. The genre of this game is card-racing, here the player only needs to switch as quickly as possible, and you need to improve the car so that there is a good result. You can understand the game's essence after the first race. See what you and your car are capable of, and make money to then improve your car. Or to purchase a new car. There are a lot of machines in this game, and you will have an excellent choice. Improve your car you can both technical indicators and be able to change the appearance, color of the car or some details. You will need resources, such as gold and silver. Using Breaking the line, you will receive a lot of gold and silver. In addition, you will receive clues and will be able to apply them whenever you want.

Cheats Breaking the line are special secret codes, with which you will have a lot of gold and silver for improvement in the game. You will have the opportunity thanks to Breaking the line, get all the codes for free. After this, the drive will become much more interesting. A wonderful game graphics will allow you to be more attentive on the road. Niche cheats will simplify your race to the maximum, as you can buy yourself the coolest car.

Code Breaking the line:

  • 500 000 gold - B#_yrhe857ehbjs
  • 200 000 silver - B#_ndb492hf31hx

Description of the game Breaking the line

Breaking the line is the newest racing simulator which allows to look at drag racing games in a new light. The unprecedented realism, excellent graphics, gripping game plot, great opportunities for customization and tuning and many more help players to plunge into the world of illegal night races.

First time ever in the history of racing simulators, in Breaking the line there is a system of bets, through which the player can measure the risk and possible winnings. Each race is generated at random, and none of the followed-up races replicates preceding ones.

Months of painstaking work and thorough study of automobile technical characteristics and dynamics in various conditions allowed to create a truly realistic physical model. Each change made in car configuration influences its behavior on the track and the result of the race accordingly. The game realism conditions high requirements for the player, which makes the game process much more captivating.

AI system, implemented in Breaking the line manages competitors and city traffic behavior. Competitors make mistakes and get into accidents, and from time to time city traffic can block all lanes and you’ll have to slow down in order not to crash, everything works as if in real life.

Each car owner loves his car and works on making it look unique. More than 1000 components represented in the game give the player an opportunity to create an individual car which reflects the owner’s imagination and creativity. The more stylish id your car, the more reputation points you get. And as your reputation grows, the winning amounts grow, too! With Breaking the line creating new masterpieces became easy and fun!

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