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Angry Birds Epic RPG Hack, cheat for Android & iOS

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To play this game is one of pleasure on the first levels, but further passage requires a coin from you. Money game requires very active and passing without investing resources becomes inconvenient. Therefore, many sites offer hack Angry Birds Epic RPG on Android, or iOS. Often for this it is offered to download a mod, or to enter personal data for a wrap. But it's not safe, in this article you'll find a simpler and more effective way. It allows you to get coins from the game store for free, follow the instructions and get money for free.

Codes of Angry Birds Epic RPG:

  • A bunch of coins of luck - Tc#up2vJCt
  • A lot of coins of luck - Dg#AexNyNj
  • Treasury of the Mighty Eagle (3000 coins for free) - Rp#C66omSY

As with any game from Rovio, the Angry Birds Epic RPG seems very simple and fun on the first levels. Progress is rapid and significant, continuous improvement and new discoveries. But unfortunately this dynamic does not last long, and soon you will often see on the screen offers to buy coins of happiness. They really give happiness, because play is much more interesting when you do not take this opportunity.

Overview and guide on the game, mechanics and tips

And although the game is claimed genre role RPG, it turned out quite superficially. The fighting is tactical, and the passage is linear. Battles step by step and at first everything will depend only on the strength of your characters. Moving along the levels, for the victory it will be necessary to select suitable birds that are effective in battling against one or another enemy.

Cheats Angry Birds Epic RPG are needed to unlock more characters and get coins for purchases. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy ammunition and potions for the heroes. This will expand their capabilities and enhance their skills. Battles take place step by step, each time you can choose an attack, or spells. The winner is the one who will fall first in the series of these elections.

How to raise the level and get a lot of money

If you already downloaded Angry Birds Epic RPG mod, or tried to wind it up, you should understand that this does not work. But the game itself suggests using coins through the game store. And using step-by-step tips in the instructions you can get sets of money for your gaming account for free.

This method works on Android and iOS devices. Remove your restrictions, buy weapons and open new characters. Learn skills and potions to more effectively and quickly win. Awards in the victory over a difficult opponent will please you with new discoveries, bonuses.

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