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Hero of Magic – War Age Hack & Cheat, Android & iOS, free Coins

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Collect a powerful team of monsters using Hero of Magic hacking on Android, get unlimited resources for free, without downloading mods. To use this method, you do not need to get the special rights of the device root or jailbreak, or enter personal data, which guarantees you security when hacking. Using codes for free purchases, you can get a lot of money in the game without the risks of being blocked, using this method you do not violate the rules of the game, but get resources that are sold in the game store for free.

Hero of Magic War Age - turn-based MMORPG, in which you expect classic, combat modes and interesting battles with friends in multiplayer mode. Several types of professions that have different skills and which you can change during the course of the game. The game rightly refers to the strategic, because the outcome of the battle will depend not only on the level of pumping your monsters, but also on the chosen tactics for the current battle. Using hacking, any player can get a lot of money from Hero of Magic War Age and save a lot of time for passing the game. An important part of the game is cooperation with other players, join the guild - it will bring you not only the highest level, but also more pleasure from the battle. Collect your unique team of monsters for battles, show your friends your achievements.

Cheats Hero of Magic - War Age:

  • 50 000 Coins - es8l_#nnf5C*8p
  • 2 500 Crystals - zBcn_#6UJsX*oT

Description of the game Hero of Magic – War Age

Hero of Magic: War Age is a global massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with classical turn-based battle mode on mobile devices. 4 different summoners with awesome 3D-Avatars. 8 Professions that you can switch from one to another as you wish. Catch, feed, train and collect Dozens of Zodiac Monsters, which can be your loyal companions on your mobile adventure journey. It’s not a game with simple slashes, killings and actions. You need to use strategy, team up and cooperate well with other players to obtain high-level achievement and much more fun.
The revenge fire of the Dragons is burning close to the mysterious Eskole land. As the progeny of ancient summoners of Carlinia, you undertake the job to continue the legend of Frandie, retrieve magic and fight against evil Dragons with the help of talented Zodiacs.
★Various Professions And Manifold Careers.
Swordsman, Archer, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Wizard, Knight and Thief, each profession has its exclusive skills and stats. Find your own way to grow your unique magic summoner.
★Zodiac Monsters Bring Your Adventure More Fun.
Search for zodiac monsters according to King’s map. Tap their potential and let them help you succeed.
★Explore The Mystery of Elements.
Use the restraint between Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Zodiac attributes to skilfully collocate your hero, making him more powerful.
★Classical Turn-based Battle Mode Tests Your Resourcefulness.
In many cases, the key to winning a battle is the good collocation of zodiac monsters and skills, as well as the tacit cooperation between team members. You will never know who will win until the very last moment.

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