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Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle Hack, Cheat,

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Hack Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle on Android & iOS will allow you to get a lot of resources and make free purchases for stamps in the game store. Each player can access these resources for free and without downloading mods, entering personal data, which guarantees security when using this method. To get free kits, you do not need to receive special root or jailbreak rights, or use other actions that compromise your device, or an account.

Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle is a simulator in which you have to act as a great hero and fight with monsters, goblins and other necromancers. To do this, you have to go through a difficult path and become a knight after completing training and a lot of battles, but this activity will show you fascinating. After completing the training you will have to fight with bandits and dragons, to which you need to be ready and have in stock powerful weapons and use magical abilities. To make the passage more free and exciting, we suggest that you use Hero Simulator hacking and open free purchases for yourself. Having access to these secrets, you can significantly advance in the game, join a decent guild and increase the gold reserve.

Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle Codes:

  • Package of Heroic Stamps $4.99 – qp0cHZnMed9i
  • Handful of Heroic Stamps $1.99 – U11PoE8a5qle
  • Shipment of Heroic Stamps $15.99 – tJajcvx5uspy
  • No Ads $2.99 – HsUsw7B8LZRU
  • Vault of Heroic Stamps $59.99 – vlajNMoyJLDQ

Description of the game Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle

Knighthood awaits, in this idle-clicking adventure. King Cedric the Great steps down from his throne after centuries of battles and now seeks an heir! Prove yourself to be an able knight and successor by gaining wealth, conquering lands and villages, and annihilating goblins, trolls, orcs, and more. Embark on this magical journey!


Military tactics and sword skills will help defeat warlocks and evil creatures of all sorts. Use weapons crafted from blacksmiths and potent ingredients from alchemists to fend off dark necromancers and clash with dragons! Hunt or be hunted!


Become the wealthiest man of the Middle Ages. Purchase various goods and trade them off throughout the kingdom. The wealthier you become, the stronger your reputation. Join guilds and put your trading skills to the test or simply hire merchants to earn money and power on your behalf! Watch as your kingdom grows into a thriving community with castles, shops and more! 

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Hero Simulator: Clicker Idle, check the site rules

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