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HIT Hack, Cheat, for Android & iOS, free Diamonds, not mod

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In the game hack HIT, as in many role-playing games, you are waiting for a lot of battles, steep weapons, dangers, new levels in which the complexity grows each time and of course the super heroes who run to save the world. It would be all simple and play would be nicer, if you did not pay for almost all the necessary game resources. Of course they can be earned in the game, but you will spend a lot of time, well, a lot. Using the HIT Hack, you get an unlimited number of Crystals (game currency in the game). In addition, you will not need to download anything anywhere. All at your fingertips - just enter the CHIT HIT and get many many many Crystals that you can later use as you want.

Thanks to the Cheat code HIT you will also be able to access the secrets of the game itself, betting, you did not know about it before. You can visit the classified places of the map, move wherever you want, pump your hero and improve it. While not being afraid for the security of your account. The magical world of adventure is already waiting for you. In addition, you will enjoy the graphics of the game, over which the developers really tried to glory. Accumulate bonuses, collect combos, defeat online players, because now you will do it without any problems. You have everything you need, so, into battle!

HIT code:

  • 1000 000 Crystals - K#_hfow48tohjeg9r

Description of the game HIT

CONQUER foes in real-time PvP and arena brawl! RAID epic bosses with friends and allies!
> Guild tournament (3 vs 3 guild war), Real Time PvP Duel Arena, 6 player brawl arena , and Friendly 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3!
> Raid in real-time and enter the arena to challenge other heroes in real time!

> Slice and dice monstrous foes and travel through spectacular 3D environments powered by Unreal Engine 4.
> Feel the full weight of your attacks as you cut down formidable enemies!

> Dominate foes with aerial attacks, throws, and knockdowns with just one tap!
> Chain together attacks to inflict maximum punishment!

> Endless equipment, weapon enhancements and costumes let you customize your hero to fit your playstyle 
> Journey to new areas with your faithful pet

> Build your character’s experience in the Tower of Trials and Tower of Challenge
> Go on quests to explore ever-expanding maps and become the hero of your own incredible tales! 

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack HIT, check the site rules

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