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Poke Monster Hack, Cheat, Android, free Gems & Gold, Secret & Tips

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Poke Monster is a role-playing game in which everyone can become a Pokémon coach. Collect monsters in a team, develop and train them and participate in battles. Prove your abilities in developing the team. Go through the levels, test the strength of their monsters, take the losers to your team and develop them. Although there are many games with Pokemon, this development has differences.

Poke Monster codes:

  • 76,500 gold for free - PM*wMZQC
  • 3 850 Gems - PMZM9cR
  • Restore power - PMEU7bE

Here, several genres have united, develop your character, participate in a strategic RPG process. Like any, a free game, there are purchases. In order not to spend real money and not to use Poke Monster hack, everyone can get precious stones into account using secret codes. Using the instruction, the player quickly and free of charge will fill up the account with a premium currency and gold without infringement of rules of game and input of personal data.

Review, raise the level, use diamonds

Although there are already enough games with Pokemon, new ones are coming out. You can play this game not only for Pokémon fans, but also for RPG fans. The game provides ample opportunities and an interesting gaming experience. Another approach to creating this genre allows a new look at the development process. Each player gets to control a whole city for the life and development of monsters.

To increase the level in the game you need to develop buildings, as well as to pass assignments. The game Poke Monster allows you to travel on the map in search of new pets, and so to obtain them in battle. Resources in the game are needed to improve the city itself and conduct training monsters. Each Pokemon has its own skills, characteristics and stages of evolution.

How to collect all the Pokémon, tips for passing

Use resources to develop buildings in the game, raise their level to unlock new opportunities and stages of the game. Gather all kinds and become a legendary coach, this is the main goal of the game. Increase your own level to unlock new opportunities for improvement. The game allows you to collect more than 300 monsters, so travel can be long.

To play more freely, have a supply of money and energy, the player does not need to download Poke Monster mod, or use a hack. Game purchases allow you to remove these restrictions, using cheat codes, everyone can do it for free. Play as much and as anywhere to quickly build a large and strong team.

Travel in search of new monsters in different locations and catch them in poke-balls. By collecting a decent team, you can always participate in interesting PvP battles. Show your friends and other players your collection.

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