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Tales of the Rays Hack & Cheat, Android free Cash, secret & Tips

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The game Tales of the Rays is a classic version based on a fairy tale. Now it is available to all players on tablets and phones. All events occur in the 3D dimension, with an entirely new story of the linear movement of Battle. You can use very simple and affordable controls in the game. In the game Tales of the Rays, you can join the team of your favorite heroes, and make their actions in some kind of adjustments, in order to make their world much brighter and more beautiful. Go along with your favorite heroes to explore the dungeon full of treasures and deadly evil monsters around the world. Meeting characters from the most beloved games will please you with the opportunity to participate in temporary events and enjoy the animations with CUT-scene and wonderful soundtrack.

Going down into the dungeon, you will discover a completely different world. You will discover new beautiful underground treasures, though it's not easy to get to them. And you have to sweat a little before you can pick up your treasure. But you can also make your game easier by downloading our cheat codes. Hacking Tales of the Rays on android will please you with many additional features in the game, and most importantly for this you do not have to enter your personal data and do not need to download mods. Still you can get many unique features to defeat monsters and they could not prevent you from roaming the dungeon.

Codes of Tales of the Rays:

  • 829,000 Treasure - TtR#_GFwz20JG
  • Unique features - TtR#_KHGr25BX
  • Improvements - TtR#_UHTo82NV

Play Tales of the Rays for free, which of you does not like fairy tales, everyone dreams of being in the role of his favorite hero and living his life. So do not get lost, by downloading this game you will find yourself in a fairy tale and you will be completely drawn into the world of magic. Enjoy the reality of a new world for you. Get down and discover the underworld, battling with treacherous monsters, which is not so easy to win, but it's still possible if you try hard. Magic music will help you enjoy a fairy-tale reality. Travel together with your favorite heroes and help them save the world and start a peaceful life.


The classic Tales RPG series comes to phones and tablets in an all new epic JRPG. Experience epic 3-D action with an all-new Linear Motion Battle system, using simple controls optimized for mobile devices. Unleash deadly Mirrage Artes for powerful attacks with simple taps and swipes.

In Tales of the Rays, Ix and Mileena are descended from a bloodline of Mirrists. Join them on an epic quest to revive their world, as they meet and learn from past Tales heroes. Explore dungeons full of treasures and deadly monsters across sprawling world maps. Meet characters from your favorite Tales games throughout the world and in limited time events, and enjoy fully animated cut-scenes with the classic soundtrack and music!

Explore expansive dungeons and worlds!
Get the full RPG experience by exploring world maps, trekking through dungeons full of treasure and defeating monstrous enemies!

A classic Tales experience for mobile devices!
Play a true Tales RPG with familiar features such as the Linear Motion Battle System and stories told through animations! Travel with the heroes Ix and Mileena on their journey to save their world!

Epic 3-D Action and Intuitive Controls!
The 3-D battles of the Tales series now make it onto mobile! Enjoy exhilarating battles with simple controls optimized for mobile devices!

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