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Squirrel Simulator Hack & Cheat for Android & iOS, free Cash, secret codes

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By choosing this game, the Squirrel Simulator, you will feel like a squirrel, real, who lives in a large forest. Open your new world. You will be able to climb trees like a real squirrel, and also fly from one branch to another. Find a comfortable hollow, arrange a nest and make food supplies: acorns, mushrooms, various berries. From level 10, you will have the opportunity to have a squirrel wife, you will have little babies. If you perform "Achievements" then you will receive an endless life and a lot of acorns. You will fight with the enemies of squirrels, different animals, to escape from the wolves. Also compete with other proteins for 1 place on the "Leaderboard" and for this you will need our cheat codes Simulator Squirrels.

Hacking Squirrel Simulator will help you gain new unlimited possibilities in the game. With the help of our secret cheat codes, the Protein Simulator, you can get an endless life and a lot of food. Simulator Squirrels are very similar to real life squirrels, you have to fight, and sometimes run away, guard your hollow and for this you will need our cheat codes. We do not need your personal data and it's absolutely free. In the game Simulator Squirrels you will need a lot of lives, after all at every step lies danger, and you need to create and protect your family and feed the children. With our Protein Simulator codes it will be easy and simple, you will have a lot of food and an endless life.

Cheats Simulator Squirrels:

  • Infinite Life - SB#_gduj76hj
  • 200 000 acorns - SB#_df6hjk87

Description of the game Squirrel Simulator

 Feel like a real squirrel living in the oak forest. Explore the world.
You can climb trees, and flying from tree to tree, and not only!
You can find a secluded tree hollow, to create there a nest of branches, collect mushrooms, acorns and berries in the tree hollow.
On a 10 level, you will be able to find your future spouse on the trees and have a child. Walk with your child, teach him! Prepare stocks for the winter! Survive the winter!
Follow the "Achievements" and get a reward in the form of skins for squirrel that will give you improvements. Fight with various animals like snakes, badgers or mice ... and beware of wolves! Show on the "Leaderboard" who are the best squirrel in the world!

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