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Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion Hack & Cheat, Android, free

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In the game Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion you can get acquainted with a very fashionable and advanced girl who just loves unicorns unicorns and their lives. She dresses in bright colorful clothes, walks with a hairdress under a unicorn and even eats meals decorated in the unicorn style. Even her manicure with unicorns, along with her and her friends, dive into life in the style of a unicorn. Cook delicious cakes with Ashley and her friends, select your favorite cake. Pick up Ashley outfit in the style of a unicorn of course. Find the brightest and sunny. And what classy fabulous drinks can be cooked, such as hot chocolate, and according to Ashley's recipe, it's just superb.

Cheats Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion:

• 859 000 Money - PEEN#_UHGb37JN
• Improvements in the game - PEEN#_HGF42YTf

You can make all the friends of the girl a hairstyle in the style of a unicorn. Choose beautiful outfits, bright and sparkling, they should all like. Even with the help of secret codes you can get a lot of extra money and at your discretion to improve the game. Free Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion is not hacking and it will not do any harm to your device. Download codes can be completely free, and without entering personal data. Prepare the girls a stunning breakfast, but all in the style of a unicorn. Make Ashley a decadent make-up, such as she can make her the real master of unicorns. You can also play with her in the game "THREE IN Row" with different funny pictures.

You have not tried ice cream on unicorn, it's something very tasty, cook it for Ashley and her friends. But there's still something missing, oh we forgot to make a bright manicure, stick bright stickers and beautiful patterns on your nails, it'll all help you look like a real queen of unicorns. Can still in the game Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion upload photos of their brightest dishes in the style of a unicorn and collect a lot of likes. But if you win the contest, you will be able to get many awards and prizes. The company TabTale charges more than 1 Billion downloads and their number continues to grow continuously. TabTale is the best company for creating children's games, so downloading this game one day you will not regret.

About game 

Hungry? Why eat boring normal food when you can eat colorful and trendy UNICORN food?! Help Ashley, the queen of all things unicorn, live her life with unicorn-colored glasses! Make delicious unicorn food including cakes and ice cream, dress up in glittery rainbow outfits, and enjoy the unicorn lifestyle with Ashley and the other unicorn girls!

Ashley is a supercool teen - she’s one of those awesome girls who likes to live like a glitter unicorn! She covers herself in head-to-toe sparkly rainbow garb, styles her hair like a unicorn, and eats delicious rainbow colored unicorn-themed food - she especially loves to bake rainbow cakes! Not to mention her adorable unicorn nails! Help her enjoy her colorful unicorn world with her unicorn-loving friends to the fullest!

>Bake colorful and delicious unicorn cakes with Ashley and the girls! Which of these cakes is your favorite: Classic Unicorn or Dripping Rainbow?
>Dress Ashley up in the prettiest glittery unicorn outfits! Give her that rainbow style that makes her pop!
>Make heavenly colorful unicorn drinks with Ashley - hot chocolate is yummy, but unicorn hot chocolate is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
>Style Ashley and her friends’ hair like a unicorn! Don’t forget those glittery rainbow accessories - the girls will love them!
>Mmm… unicorn bagels! Breakfast has never been so delightful.
>Give Ashley a beautiful, colorful unicorn makeover! Bring out her inner unicorn goddess!
>Play a fun unicorn food themed Match-3 minigame!
>YUM - you thought the cakes were good? Try the unicorn ice cream! Make it yourself for you, Ashley and the girls!
>No unicorn look is complete without rainbow unicorn nails. Add fun patterns and stickers!
>Upload photos of your unicorn food to Unigram, and get likes, likes, and more likes!
>Win lots of fun contests and get trophies!

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