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BattleEarth Hack, cheat, Android Tips, Guide

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BattleEarth is a new strategic action game for Android users and Ios. The main thing that you need to pass this game is a good reaction, certain skills and of course a lot of virtual currency. Without this, no gamer can do without. In order to change the gameplay for the better, you can use different methods. The first of these is the purchase of virtual currency in the game store.

Bonus codes BattleEarth for Android and Ios:

  • Double Score - 5UHy1v*WEOI
  • 100 000 Gold Coins - 9lnwF7*UCKX
  • Unlimiyed Energy - J28bNA*VHDJ

Yes, you have to spend real money. That's why gamers are looking for a hack BattleEarth. In fact, this is a mistake, because almost all the hacking or downloading hacked versions of the game will not help you. Players want to get unlimited resources, but do not know what it might end up with. The fact is that every player should get as much experience as possible before getting unlimited resources in the game.

Review of the game, the secrets of passing and receiving gold:

Do not worry, you do not have to pay real money to get a virtual currency. Any player can enter BattleEarth cheats in his gaming account and get an unlimited amount of resources in just a few minutes. But you can learn additional secrets about passing the game, which you previously did not even guess.

If you want to try to download BattleEarth mod, then we do not advise you to do this. And if you have already done this, then you know that this method does not work. If you managed to download an unofficial version of the game, then you should know that our secret cheat codes work only on official versions.

Increase the number of points

The reason is that these codes were developed by the creators of the game. And this shows the quality and reliability of this method.

This game is a fantastic test, which you must pass on the way to triumph. Winning other players is your main goal in this strategic game. You can fight not only tanks, but also aircraft, flying ships and other vehicles. Increase the number of points and effectively raise your level in the game.

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