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Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games Hack, cheat, free Gems for Android

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Collect the legendary team will get a lot of money, gold and gems without using hacks Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games. Free, strategic game on Android and iOS has a game store that sells premium currency. Having her player gets a significant advantage, can quickly raise the level and collect strong cards. Learn the instructions and tips to use free purchases in the game.

Codes Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games:

  • 27 500 gold - GFS_#3892*ue
  • 1 890 gems - GFS_#3829*vx

The main source of new cards in the game are the chests. They are of different types, the rarest and most expensive of them allow you to get rare cards, or cards with a high level. To open the chest, you need to wait a certain amount of time, or spend the crystals. Cheats Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games give the opportunity to get free diamonds and open chests without restrictions.

Review of the game, tips and secrets

Colorful strategy for mobile devices has beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and a lot of interesting characters. A lot of them are known to us from Clash of Clans and other similar strategies. But the process of battles can be called unique, although in fact it also has three directions for attack and defense, three towers and a deck of cards.

External appearance of the field gives an effect of novelty, but the strategy remains the same. Collecting a deck of cards you have the opportunity to take them into battle. Each of the cards has its own level, health indicators and attacks. Using gold, you can raise them and get a more powerful fighter on the field. Choosing a map and track, the fighter is sent to one of the three directions for protection, or attack.

How to play free Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games, guide

Any free game has a game store with purchases. In it everyone can get precious stones for real money, but using bonus codes can be played at the donators level, without any real expenses. So you can play for free and collect a pack of exclusive, and most importantly, strong cards. In addition to soldiers, you can use spells and weapons.

In the game you need to strive for a high level, this will depend on the resulting cards. Therefore, you need to spend money on the speed of development in the game. Collecting a powerful deck, the player needs a lot of money and in the old ways they are looking for where to download mod Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games. But In online games this method does not work, the purchase of resources is conducted when connecting to the server, so the secret codes here are more effective.

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