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Welcome to our site, here you will find a lot of interesting information and secrets, and we want to start with one of the most popular games. Probably it's no secret that hacking Clash of Clans into android and iOS can be done for free and without downloading, you can get a lot of money and resources in the game without downloading mod and apk files.

But many will say that this is an online game and hack Clash of Clans is impossible and will be part of the right. But the world does not stand still, and now there is a way to substitute values, or simulate a purchase. If something can be obtained for money, it can be obtained for free, the same with games, even if they are online. There is not everyone has the money to invest in the development of their village, but to quickly develop the base, to increase the level of the town hall dreams each and this becomes possible if you know the Clash of Clans secret codes and know how to use them.

Yes, they often change, because developers are also not fools, so it is very important not only to know how and where to enter codes, but also to have the freshest ones. In order to quickly pump all of your buildings, increase protection and also build a strong gang of heroes you do not need to download mod, or get root or jilbreak, I think it's clear to everyone. And security at burglary is very important, because the desire to get Clash of Clans resources gold and crystals often ends with viruses, or the loss of an account, which, by the way, you can earn by pumping it.

Create your mighty clan, quickly pump out the key buildings, hiring horsemen, archers, sorcerers in any number, after carefully studying all the nuances of this article, you can buy a lot of crystals (gems, jams). To access the instructions did not hit everyone in a row, it is hidden from private use, so take the time to spend a few minutes studying, the hack itself after learning the instructions will not take you more than 3 minutes.

List of secret cheat codes for hacking Clash of Clans on Android and iOS:

  • To get 14 000 crystals in the game use the code - CsELwBc2ff
  • But in addition to buying gems, you can significantly increase the supply of gold and elixir resources for gold.
  • To receive the account + 50 000 gold please use the code - ZdG5eykswU
  • Elixir + 200,000 - up517pWIv4

Tips for improving your Clash Of Clans with the experience of an American gamer:

1. Take your time with Town Hall

Although it is used to update all your buildings to the maximum, doing it is not always right. Waiting for building renovation can happen forever - and saving enough to buy updates, and waiting often leave you the main target for raiding your agriculture. Instead, we try to maximize your level. For many town halls 7 and 8 are considered the best places for agriculture and create a protective renovation. Here, you can spend your gold wisely and work on updating other structures. Generally, it is considered a good idea to completely update all of your defensive installations before upgrading the 8th Town Hall.

2. Choose your battles carefully

Do not be afraid to click on the "Next" button. Passing through several villages you will find yourself on the ideal candidate for your army according to your abilities. Remember, each 'Next' costs a little more at each level of the Town Hall, but it can be good when you get a six-figure salary.

3. Update high structures after damage

Defensive structures that damage several targets at the same time (Master Towers, mortars) should be at the top of the list for updates. Next, look at the amount of damage per second (DPS).

4. Register on the forums of successful clans, and learn from them

See repetitions, ask questions, and share your knowledge when you have something to brag about. This is part of what makes Clash OF Clans such an interesting game, it's a separate world, where those who have more information win.

5. Have fun with the game

You can play the game that you like, if you like raids and other people's gold vaults, improve in this. If these are trophies that you want, pursue them. Find a clan and friends with similar purposes.

6. Encourage each member of the clan to "earn" a place in future wars

If your clan number is not a multiple of 5, there will always be at least one person (bottom) omitted. This encourages players to achieve several more trophies so that they can be included in the coming wars. Which leads to the improvement of all the clan members.

7. Encourage clan members to practice attack

Watch for the number of attacks and the winner in the profile of each player. If a player does not win attacks, and does not earn stars in wars, then there may be time for a heart-to-heart conversation.

8. Watch for success / failure from war to war

I saw that maintaining the table of the results of the war was very useful. This is important to see if there are clan members who constantly do not use one or two of their types of attacks and are not able to win stars in wars.

9. Reward the best

Those who are especially heroically on the battlefield should be awarded for it! Either by advertising their names in the information clan during the day, or just mentioning it in the clan chat room. A little positive reinforcement will help to go a long way together.

10. Coordination is the key in the game

If a clan member collapses into attacks on a particular adversary, encourage others to watch a repeat of the fight that can help them if they decide to tackle the same opponent. At least they should be able to see where the bombs, traps, and also know what to expect from the castle of the clan.

11. Make your army specialized

One huge advantage in Clan Wars against regular battles is that you know which Basic Scheme you will be attacking before you start. In this way, you can create the perfect troop composition for attack, based on things such as wall levels, defensive placement structures, selection of troops by the clan's clan (from # 7), Heroes level, and X-Bow and Inferno Tower settings.

12. Max your NSPA (New stars for the attack)

Urge members of the clan not to attack the village, which had already been lifted, until all villages had received at least one star.

15. A scout, scout, scout

Highlight a special day to discuss strategies in the clan chat room. Be specific. "Do you think GoWiWi will work well at # 18 if I came from the lower right?" Cooperate with other members to create a winning combination of troops and plan an attack.

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