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Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants hack for iOS, free Gems & Cash

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Participate in fantastic clone battles, gather your own team. And we'll tell you how to get a lot of money without using hack Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants on iOS. Free purchases and improving the level of your team. Gems in the game for free, how to get a violation of the rules of the game. Learn the instruction in using codes and enjoy the game without restrictions. Get unique cards and raise their level.

Codes Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants:

  • 3,450 gems - TYU*2781_ue
  • 87 300 money for free - UDI*3721_uf

Take on the role of the legendary commander of the army. Use resources to create an unbeatable set of heroes. Manage them in battles and lead to victory. The game takes place in the distant 2045 in South America. Biological experiments have opened up new possibilities and forms for fighting you. In the game Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants everyone can get under control of powerful clones for battles.

Review of the game, characters and clone skills

A game from the fantasy world, it became possible cloning. This opened up new opportunities for the creation of the army. Evil F-Tec used this knowledge to create experiments on legendary warriors and created their clones. They have only the best genes and super abilities. This is a threat to all of humanity and you need to prevent it.

Fortunately, one of the laboratory workers ran away from there and managed to steal the elements in order to create an opposing force. Use the Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants cheats to quickly develop technology and conduct many experiments. Create ideal monsters for killing and destroying the enemy.

The battle system, money and gems

Of the drawbacks of the game, I can note the automatic combat system. It allows only to observe the course of the battle, but some will like it. The choice of clones before the battle and the use of their cards during the battle depends on you. Otherwise, you only need to enjoy the course of the battle and receive rewards for the legendary victories.

Every player dreams of having many precious stones. They are a premium currency and many sites already offer to download mod Clone Wars: Clash of Mutants. This way to develop clones has not worked for a long time. To resist an evil scientist you will have enough bonus codes for resources. Unlock all genes and use them to create legendary warriors and fight with friends and other players.

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