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Hack Call of War for Android, free Gems, Cheat, codes, Not mod

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Participate in online battles, use secrets to get a lot of money on Android. There is a Call of War hack, how to get the gems on the account for free. Each player can resist donators, players investing in the game money. Premium currency gives a significant advantage in the speed of passing and raising the level of the game. Use the instruction, follow the tips to get resources to the account for free.

Call of War cheat codes:

  • 5,000 gems - 3Eh1FihU
  • 50 000 stones - 2J0mGktj
  • 50 000 trees - MwCgeN3A
  • 50,000 meals - 3yFRYGdS
  • 50 000 money - UWeIEQUC

A colorful strategy with lots of buildings and an army. Develop buildings, use resources to improve and modernize them. For the construction of all resources are required, it is very important to monitor the economic component. In addition to the main resources there are diamonds, premium currency allows you to speed up processes and buy paid items, buildings.

Secrets of the passage, a review of the game Call of War on Android

Free strategy with bright graphics and not unique gameplay. Build, evolve, well at least there is a mode of SLG, for which you should download the game. It is very pleasant and can be enjoyed by those who want to become one of the leading forces, because the game is new and easy enough to get into the top. Like any free game, there are purchases.

They make them feel vulnerable to donators. But using secrets and receiving a premium currency you can organize an alliance and get support from friends in battles. Gems Call of War are available after purchase in the game store, but using secrets you can do without them and save a lot of money on the passage.

Buildings, buildings, army

A large number of buildings, each of which performs a certain role. Mines, barracks, towers and others, they all require the costs of resources and residents. An important economic part is made up of battles. Having won, the player receives the resources of the player and thus can strengthen his position. But in order not to become a victim of attacks, it is necessary to strengthen defense in a timely manner.

Multiplayer battles include dragons. Everyone can get a creature and use it for their own purposes. It is an important player power, it is very important to spend resources on raising its level. To get diamonds, the player does not need to download Call of War mod, or get special root rights. Follow the tips and enjoy the abundance of resources on the account.

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