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Medals of War Hack, Cheat for iOS, free Gold & Key, Secret & Tips

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Participate in exciting battles, get a lot of gold and keys to open chests for free. Hack Medals of War allows the player to get a lot of money on iOS for free. These secrets will work on Android devices after the official release of the game. To use bonus codes, it is enough for the player to see them and follow the instructions for entering them. Each for a couple of minutes can replenish the account with resources, without downloading and breaking the rules.

Cheats Medals of War:

  • 7,850 gold for free - YU#_74*RYU
  • 5 silver keys - UE#76*HUD
  • 5 gold keys - UD#49*LKA

Having gold and keys the player can quickly build a strong army. Open paid chests and unlock new maps. Use gold to increase the level of cards and increase their characteristics. Cheats Medals of War offer unlimited improvements and gaining strong warrior cards. Collect the most powerful and effective characters in one team, win and receive unique rewards.

Review of the game, how to raise the level

A multi-player strategy in which a player can fight other gamers from around the world. Create an army and manage it in battles. Medals of War is a free game, but there is a game store in which you can buy gold and open chests with hero cards. Before each battle, choose the right command for battles.

Use your units to win fame in the fantasy world. Occupy a place in the ranking and get exclusive cards and rewards. The game has colorful graphics with smooth animation and funny characters. In the main menu, you can manage your team, which is represented in the form of maps. Increase their characteristics, increase health and attack power.

Gold, golden keys, tips for passing

Gold in the game is the main currency, with its help you can improve, raise the level of your warriors. Using gold and silver keys, a player can unlimitedly open chests and open new cards of heroes. Choose a team based on tactics for battles. Change it and experiment on getting victory.

Collect a powerful deck, use tactics to win. Use secrets that do not require the downloading mod Medals of War or other files and the input of personal data. Experiment with decks and tactics, improve your skills and earn maximum points for the fight. Take over the management of one of the most powerful armies in the game, use tips to win first place in the ranking.

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