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Star Trek Timelines Hack for Android, Free Cash, Secret codes

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Use the hacking of Star Trek Timelines on Android and iOS to unlock all ships, get a free VIP. To get these benefits you do not need to get root or jailbreak rights, or enter personal information. Also you will not need to search where to download the Star Trek Timelines, or other programs for hacking. Using this article, you will learn how to simulate a purchase and receive all paid packages with loans, dilithions for free.

Star Trek Timelines - RPG game in which you can poison your favorite characters from star wars to tasks. To send characters to the task you will need ships, which in the game are sufficient. But to get the desired ship you will have to sweat pretty and collect the drawings. And to collect a large team for battles in the game you will need donat, or you can use the Star Trek Timelines cheat which will allow you to get a lot of resources for passing. Using these secrets, you do not need to wait long and play for a long time to collect the right amount of money in the game, by learning how to simulate a purchase you will no longer feel the lack of resources.

Star Trek Timelines cheat codes:

  • Unblock all ships (get the required drawings) - STT032* ks92
  • Unlock all characters - STT043*ue03
  • Monthly Card Purchase - STT041*ei10
  • Commander Offer - STT043*qo43
  • Shipment of Dilithium - STT051*nb10
  • Monthly Card Renewal - STT067*ei02

Description of the game AndrGame

● ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW from hundreds of characters from Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, each with their own unique skills and abilities

● COMMAND ICONIC STARSHIPS, including the USS Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant, a Klingon Bird of Prey, the Borg Cube, and many more
● ENGAGE YOUR ENEMIES in stunning 3D ship battles with exciting PvE play or in PvP Battle Arena where you’ll test your crew’s mettle against the best captains in the galaxy.
● EXPLORE THE GALAXY, gaining influence among a dozen factions, including the Federation, the Maquis, the Dominion, the Terran Empire (TOS: “Mirror, Mirror”), and the infamous Section 31

● CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS and win rare rewards with special event missions.

● STUNNING GRAPHICS bring the 24th century to life in the most immersive and thrilling Star Trek experience available

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The instruction is not available for your iP to find out how to hack Star Trek Timelines, check the site rules

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