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WarStorm: Clash of Heroes Hack & Cheat, Android & iOS, free Diamonds

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WarStorm: Clash of Heroes an exciting saga, in this game you will be an honest king, will collect your army of valiant warriors. You will need to manage the castle and the whole kingdom, train your warriors for fighting skills. You will fight with the evil forces that hang over your lands, and also fight with the commanders who rob your neighbors. You alone will make decisions on how to proceed correctly. With our cheat codes WarStorm: Clash of Heroes you can earn a lot of gold coins and diamonds.

Cheat WarStorm: Clash of Heroes must be entered directly during the game. When you enter our absolutely free secret codes, you can earn a lot of gold coins and diamonds. They will help you in the game to get unlimited opportunities and become a mighty king. Hacking WarStorm: Clash of Heroes will also allow you to learn the secrets of the game that were previously unavailable to you. They relate to the tactics of the game, as well as its strategic part, and many other secrets about which you will soon learn.

WarStorm Codes: Clash of Heroes:

  • 450 000 gold coins - SH _fdty75bv
  • 150,000 diamonds - SH  qa89gcrj

Description of the game WarStorm: Clash of Heroes

War Storm: Clash of Heroes is a Global Strategy MMO mobile game. Players take control of the legion of heroes and a castle, a stronghold, a nation, and all its subjects. Summon brave heroes of war to your cause, hone their skills or magic in combat, send them to the frontier, and use their unique abilities to turn the tide of battle, watch the epic scene of clash of legions! Form alliances with other players, defend Alliance Strongholds and castles against your enemies and take your revenge with your ally by Rally Attacks, take the chance and wow the world! Become a royale king of civil age and clash off the invading demon legions, or those vicious warlord armies who surge into ally's city. Write your own epic story in chaos; let the glory of might shine in honor!

● Free Social Strategy MMO Mobile Game
● Innovative world map tactics! Take control of resources to expand your royale empire and position your forces in camps around the map to protect the kingdom in chaos!
● Complete Quests to win Heroes to your cause, or Summon them from beyond with Soul Shards recovered in the frontier of battle.
● Craft weapons & armor for your Heroes from rare hearth materials found around the world map.
● Form alliances with friends around the world to complete Alliance Quests, Send Aid to ally's nation, and Rally Attack your enemies!
● Seize, develop and defend an Alliance Stronghold with your allies.
● Sectioned World Map - growing your empire might give you access to new places!
● Build diverse legions of foot soldiers, archers, mages, catapults and more! Outsmart your enemies by outfitting the winning combinations in battle.
● Fight hellish monster legion under the leadership of Arch Demon Papas. Become a powerful clasher and you might have to fight Papas himself!

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